Home staging for a sale – should you DIY or hire a professional?

When you enlist your house on the market, property styling is a very important tool to help you attract potential buyers, and it’s been proven time and time again that a well-staged and styled homes sell faster and for higher returns than un-staged homes.
Before making the big the decision, we suggest comparing the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a professional, and taking time to understand what might be gained from staging your property.

Another set of eyes

The first advantage to hiring a property stylist is gaining an outside perspective to view your space with fresh eyes. They have experience to draw on to determine where some quick wins can be made, what can be upgraded or changed, where some adjustments can be made to make a property feel newer, more attractive or valuable.

Prevent a DIY doozy

Often, DIY can be spotted a mile away. When trying to furnish a home quickly it’s generally done on a budget, which can lead to a home feeling just that – cheap! This may not leave a good impression on potential buyers – and can lead to an even higher cost in the long run if your house sits on the market or attracts low offers.

Removes stress from an already emotional process

Hiring a property stylist can help reduce the emotional burden of organizing furniture and deadlines. When selling a home, there’s already a lot to consider, from pricing to open homes, moving to valuations. Professional property stylists take care of delivery of furniture, installation, insurance, pick up and collection of hired items. Your property stylists will take care of everything so you can feel more confident while waiting for your property to sell.

Increase in buyer interest and traffic

When a home is properly styled, high quality images are captured which can present the best image of your home online and in any listings. Beautifully styled homes that complement and match the style of the house, era and architecture increases interest from potential buyers. This can lead to higher interest, and higher traffic during open homes, which of course leads to competition in buyers and higher demand and pricing… Which leads us to our next point.

Increase in value

Staged homes by professional property stylists sell for higher prices than DIY staged homes on the market. In our experience we’ve seen valuations or offers come in over 100K higher than originally estimated before staging. This lowers the cost for advertising and increases your return on investment. Staged home wins over competitions on house that are also for sale in the same area.
When a home is staged professionally, potential buyers create an emotional connection with the home, they can see a life in the space, and this in turn helps them see the property as higher value.
If you’ve decided on hiring a professional property stylist who understand your needs and what should be done to get your property ready for selling, we’d love to chat. Feel free to contact us to book a consultation to see if we’re a good fit.