Not at all, each install is treated as an individual project and designed accordingly. Many other property stylists have standard or basic packages which over time or use can feel dated or overdone. We pride ourselves on this point of difference.

Urban Property Specialists take care of styling, installation, insurance and pack down, so there’s nothing left for you to worry about. To find out more about what is included in our services, you may visit our services page.

Upon install, if we feel additional items are required, we are happy to go above and beyond the initial quote to ensure the space is up to our standard.

Pop the champagne! Congratulations, you don’t need to worry about our stock, we’ll organise a time to pop by and pick up all hired pieces.

We include one set of flowers for the initial photoshoot free-of-charge. We have a great relationship with local florists, which means we’re also available to provide additional flower installations and organise delivery to the property for open homes at an additional charge.

The furniture we select for each property is based on our extensive experience, the house, space, colors, season, suburb, current trends and owner goals. There is a lot of consideration that goes into each decision to maximize the memorability and enhance the feel of each property.

This isn’t a standard part of our practice. As experienced professionals we’ve found the consultation process is enough for us to get a feel of what your goals are, pieces are then selected and installed in line with our discussions. This enables us to keep our pricing competitive, and we find clients are always happy with our selections. If required, approval prior to installation can be arranged for an additional fee.

We quote installations as a package. We have a variety of stockists for furniture, artwork and decorative pieces. We tend to mix handcrafted and high-quality pieces with more readily available items to keep prices down while also keeping styling feeling premium.

We always ensure furniture, artwork and decorative pieces are clean and in good condition. We have a hard earned reputation for beautiful styling, and this is one area we pride ourselves on.

We’ve got it covered. Insurance is included in our quotes for all staging, styling and staff.  . All hired furniture and accessories are to be returned in the same condition as they are hired. For any damage to furniture and accessories, a fee to cover the cost of repair or replacement will apply.

50% payment is required to secure your booking with the remaining 50%  due on the day of the installation.

Our standard installation period is 6 weeks sales campaign, which includes delivery and removal of all items supplied. If your property doesn’t sell after 6 weeks, 25% of your overall quoted cost is payable each week thereafter.

Please note that if your property sells prior to Auction no rebate is applicable.